• Image of Neon Kit

An 80s inspired kit with exhaustive sampling to ensure the widest versatility for your projects. The hope was to create something in the middle of what most think of as a natural kit and an electronic kit. The snare is the star of the show here with a somewhat dry, short tail, with very loose snare wires that all stop at once to create that modern take on the "vintage" gated snare sounds. The toms are tuned slightly higher than normal and have that slap and punch to poke out of any mix with ease.

Kick (D112, AEA R44)
- Ludwig Classic Maple Pro Beat 24x14
Snare (Top SM57, Bottom AKG C414)
- Ludwig Classic Maple 6.5x14
*With and Without BFSD (big fat snare drum)
Toms (KSM 32)
- Ludwig Classic Maple Pro beat13x9 and 16x16
*Floor tom extra sample with wallet as a bonus
Cymbals (AEA R88)
- Zildjian A Custom
*individual hits as well as all crash and kick for transition impact

What you get
-.wav - For use in your favorite drum replacer
-.tci- For use with Slate Trigger

Quick Sample option ($20) - A quick .wav file for each drum to load up in your favorite sample and get rolling immediately.
Everything ($45), All drum close mics. As well as Overheads, Room Close, Room Far, and "Over the kick mic", and "Under the floor" mic, and Bullet (lo-fi) mic placed behind the players head. Endless Mix possibilities.

Coming Soon